For over 35 years, Fidoso has crafted the finest wholesale picture frames for thousands of happy clients. During the 2000 Olympics, we supplied frames for 13 of 25 newly built 5-star hotels. As we continue this journey, rest assured that whether your artwork is grand or intimate, traditional or modern, Fidoso remains dedicated to creating the perfect complement for your artwork.

Our Commitment

Showcase artistry, Shield your vision

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Our Value

As a leading wholesale picture framing business, our core values lie in giving you high quality frames that elevate and protect artworks.

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Our Mission

We aim to be the premier choice for custom framing solutions that showcase and preserve artworks for generations to come.

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Our Vision

At Fidoso, we empower artists and galleries in exhibition preparation with punctual, high-quality, and affordable framing solutions.

High Quality Finish

Throughout our history, quality and finish has been at the forefront of our custom framing solutions. To achieve this, we’ve continuously updated our equipment and production methods.

Today, our workshop is equipped with the latest European framing machines and computerised cutters, allowing us to make you frames for almost anything with millimetre accuracy and excellent finishes.


You want your artworks to stand the test of time, and so do we. And to help do that, we’ve developed a comprehensive warranty that ensures every frame you get from us lives up to your quality expectations.